Who we are

We are specialised in high-precision machining on behalf of third parties.
Relying on us means choosing an experienced partner, able to meet the specific needs of each project, within the established deadlines and according to high-quality standards.
An efficient workflow management system and a cutting-edge machine inventory allow us to be the chosen partner of Italian and multinational corporations.

Our history

It all began in 1980 when Giuseppe Zanovello and Gianfranco Cella, after many years of experience in the mechanical industry with TRAPEZIO LLC, founded LA.ME LLC., specialised in high-tech processing and mechanical parts manufacturing.
In 1989 a new partner – Gabriele Bortolin – joined the company as production manager and the steadiness of LA.ME LLC has been growing ever since, allowing in 1997, the acquisition and reorganisation of TRAPEZIO LLC.
In 2005 Alessandro Zanovello replaced his father as company manager.
In 2019 the strong and long-lasting partnership between the two companies convinced Alessandro Zanovello to take them over completely and to merge them in 2020, with a new name – LINEAMEC – and a new vision. With Alessandro’s leadership, the internal know-how and the range of businesses grew. Furthermore, a new business idea came to life: more efficient, more interactive, smarter and environmentally friendly.

A tradition of values that looks ahead

We have deeply rooted and steady values that we do not forget and bring with us every day: experience, expertise and passion.
Although we believe in our tradition, we are prepared to face the challenges that will come along our way, by virtue of our multi-sector expertise, the flexibility of our services and the continuous investment in technology and training.

Lineamec – a solid, well-structured and technologically advanced company

Our expertise spreads trust.
Working with us means relying on an experienced, careful, certified partner, which focuses on quality and continuous control.

Smart projects: punctuality, fast answers and no flaws

Our success does not lie with the recognition or notoriety of the work carried out, but with the satisfaction of our client, who decides to choose us again for his/her projects.
We pay the same attention to every order: we aim at excellence, providing a service that fully meets the client’s expectations.

Enhancement of the team

We are convinced that the team helps to make a company valuable. For this reason, we are committed to the well-being of our staff, to the goal sharing and to continuous training. We built an interactive company where we support our team and the working relationships.

Developing relationships to nurture trust

Before being a mechanical-part supplier we are people who want to build a relationship of transparency, trust and mutual respect with our customers.
Every member of Lineamec – from the CEO to the commercial and production branches – is committed to ensure positive and valuable communications and working relationships. For this reason, we pay the same attention to every client and every project.

We support sustainability

Our first great step towards sustainability was to build a low environmental-impact location. However, we are still committed to a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable growth in each and every step we make.
We feel it is our own duty as a company to fairly guarantee the well-being to the people who work with us. In addition, we want to create modern, comfortable and low-impact working spaces.
We see ourselves as leading players in the protection of the environment through local and wide-ranging protection choices. Our goal is to do our best in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Big and small orders: one only method, same precision

How we work