We have a workflow management system that, through planning and production tracking, allows us to comply with the established delivery times and the quality of our work.

Workflow management system

Our implemented system improves production efficiency, automation and control of many processes, standardisation of working methods and flexibility.
For each working area we provide a dedicated contact person and adequate steps to ensure speed of execution and easy-to-follow procedures.


We are always led by transparency and expertise, from beginning to end.

  • request for quotation
  • quote
  • offer
  • Customer Purchase order
  • management check
  • planning simulation
  • order confirmation
    • Industrialisation

      A scheduled system guarantees an efficient management of the received orders.

      • creation of BOM
      • creation of work cycles with times and methods
      • creation of control plans
      • production launch


      After a feasibility study of the required product, we constantly check on its progress.

      • creation of project number
      • launch with finite capacity scheduler
      • delivery time check
      • machine capacity management
      • work status check


      We only work with trusted suppliers in terms of quality and cost.

      • supplier management
      • second part audit
      • Request for quotation
      • Purchase order
      • reminder and delivery management


      We own an updated machine inventory where we carry out strict controls, on board of the machines and on materials.

      • Cad Cam programming
      • tooling and production
      • remote updating of production times
      • incoming checks
      • line checks
      • final checks


      We assemble functional groups or entire machines starting either from finished components, supplied by the customer, or from previously machined parts.
      The assemblies we can supply apply to any sector.

      Management control

      Our internal structure is based on three pillars:

      • function and department analysis
      • planning and measurement of system performance
      • optimisation of information processes

Sustainability and certified quality

Our daily commitment aims at ensuring high quality standards for materials, machining and processes. Both as a company and as a team, we are equally committed to research and development of solutions to reduce environmental impact.

ISO 9001:2015

The certification process does not stop.
Our research aims at continuous improvement. We are constantly working on the efficiency of our processes, the quality of the machining, the changes towards an eco-friendly company.